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Republican or Democrat Jan Brewer wags finger at President Obama Old School Republicans vs New School Republicans: The Art of the Compromise Mitt Romney Flip Flops After the 2012 election
Michele Bachmann Blame it on Obama Republicans choose milionaires overworkers Less Governmant, Less Regulations, Less Taxes Mitt Romney flip flopper
Governor Scott Walker - Union Buster new catch phrase Bush is the worst president ever
The Party Of No I got to get rich! Congresswoman shot was on Sarah Palin's hit list. John Boehner - Where's the jobs? Arizona Bans Karma!
Republicans Scare Seniors Tea Party Candidates Republican Ad, Don't Vote
Government is the problem? Az Immigation law Obama Helps Vets Palin rolls eyes at teacher. The party of NO
Arizona Bans Ethnic Studies The Majority of America Sarah Palin Joins Forces with Arizona Governor Jan Brewer Arizona Raises State Tax Obamas katrina?
Arizona Immigration Law Arizona Immigration law - Look White  Kit Arizona immigration law - Who was born in the USA? How to catch illegal immigrants! Obama Nominates Elena Kagan for Supreme Court Judge
Machele Bachmann Health Care Passes Tea Party Searchlight Nevada Sarah Palin making SUPID popular since 2008 Manipulating America
Palin Retard Palin Hand Notes Corporations Buy Congress Miss Me Yet? Loosing Healthcar Debate
Dick Cheney as Scrooge Healthcare Hold Outs Political New Year Resolutions Independent Voters Republicans are the party of no.
The Chaneys Talk About Obama Republican Health Care Lieberman is a poopy head. Back to the Constitution Palin Hilton
Acorn Funding Cancelled Olympic Bid Obama Wins Nobel Peace Prize Reagan Really? Gays in the Military?
Kick Me Teddy Kennedy Cheney on Torture Home Skoolin" You Lie!
Last Day for Palin Health Care 4 Beer Summit Town Hall Meetings Still Here
Sarah Palin Resigns Filibuster Got some splainin to do! Health Care 3 Slow means No
Hypocrisy Health Care Part 2 What would Jesus do? Still Dead Michael Jackson
Terrorists in Prison Sotomayor Rush the Racist? Who's the terrorists? Health Care
The Far Far Right Swine Flu Tax Loophole Another One Bites the Dust! Colin Powell
Major Jerk Major Duckworth-After Tea Baggers Banks Thank You Diplomacy
AIG Bonuses Banks Palin Olympics GOP Budget GOP Budget Part 2
Obama Talks to Congress CPAC Rove - Miers Limbaugh the Butt Earmarks
Obama Schools Dems Tax Cuts Cheney goes crazy Frog and the Scorpion Republican Whiners
Parting Prank Obamas' First Day Obama meets Senators Rush gets an Apology CEO Pay Limits
5 Days Left 4 Days Left 3 Days Left 2 Days Left Last Day-Passing the Torch
10 Days Left 9 Days Left 8 Days Left 7 Days Left 6 Days Left
After Christmas 14 Days Left 13 Days Left 12 Days Left 11 Days Left
Shoe Fling War Crimes Presidential Portrait Merry Christmas War on Workers
Bush Popularity Security Team Auto Workers 1 Auto Workers 2 Bush Exit
Obamas First Briefing Palin After Election Lieberman Kissing Butt GOP Circus Turkey Pardon
Morning Joe Get Out and Vote Palin Country Yes We Did! I'm Joe the Plumber
Evil Tactics We made History Regular Joe 2 Trash Talk Express Not Like Bush
First Debate Sarah Six Pack VP Debate Attack Debate 2
Palin the Parrot Vice Presidents Super Hero Lieberman 1 Hi Yo Silverhair
The Truth Get the Kids Typical Voter Lipstick Hot Hot Hot
Mommy First Interview I'm Confussed Lincoln McPalin You Mocking Me?
Spooky Depends 1 Hit Wonders Dems-Repubs Mini Me
Whats the Differance Dummy Palin Who? Palin Pitbull Old Man Yells at Cloud


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