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Jesus and the poor.


Mitt Romney  Richie Rich FlipFlopper






Sarah Palin Joins Arizona Governor Jan Brewer
Sarah Palin Joins Forces with Arizona Governor Jan Brewer


Arizona - Look White Kit
Look White Kit for Arizona


Arizonas' New Immigration Law
Arizonas new immigration law


Sarah Palin, making STUPID popular since 2008.


Obama Flag With Bullet Hole.
Tea Party Rally, Searchlight Nevada Mar 27th 2010 (Untouched Original, couldn't make this up!)

George Bush - Miss me yet?

ronal reagan real hope and change
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Michael Jackson...Still Dead


Orin Hatch Mr. Filibuster




Rush Limbaugh, I'm not a racist!


When Pigs Fly

Rush Limbaugh criticizes Obama


Rush gets another Apology


Powell Talks Sanity


Limbaugh the Butt


Obama Schools Dems


Rush Limbaugh gets an Apology


Obamas' First Day, Cleaning Up the Mess.


Bush Parting Prank

Bush Passing the Torch


Bush Presidential Portrait


VP Debate


Obama Tours White House


McCain Hiding


Bye Bye McCain


Palin Attacks


Dick & Liz Cheney Retire


McCain Obama Debate


Rush at CPAC



Cheney goes Crazy


After Obamas' First Briefing


McCain and Palin Save the Day


Oh Baby!


Joe on the Campain Trail


Mini Me


Who's the Dummy?


Dipstick and Lipstick


McCain for President


Pitbull Palin


Who the hell is Sarah Palin?

Old man Yells at Cloud

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